#ELEVEN OFFICIAL TEASER | Shree Harsha, | Roopashree |Sandesh R |Abhinandan Urs

Cast – Shree Harsha, Raju vaividhya, Rahul Prasad, Rahul Singh, Ashwath Kadamba, Roopashree.

"Worshipping Love" | Poojisuve Ninnanne |

Romantic Melody- expressing eternal love of Radha & Krishna

Harshadhwani || Padmavati || kuhi Kuhu kogilE
5th film as playbacksinger- Shreeharsha fills his mellow voice in to this romantic Melody

#harshadhwani Gig @ Mangalore beach|| Natural Instruments

Only Voice with amazing ambience @ beach with seashore sound is a bliss to feel. Harshadhwani team enjoys a music gig @ Panambur Beach

Harshadhwani @ Auckland

Amazing concert at Auckland kannada koota’s Ugadi celebrations. 500+ gathering thoroughly enjoyed every bit of concert which was planned by Shree Harsha. Proving his versatality with Stamina, Shree harsha performed for almost 4 hours Non-Stop wih all types of songs catering the crowd.


Royalty is EARNED.. not INHERITED

❤ Valentines day special ❤

Royalty is EARNED.. not INHERITED

Tusu mella beesu...

Respect Motherhood every moment … not just on Mothers Day.. Indian culture is of esteemed level which teaches us to worship our parents every moment.